Saturday, 17 January 2015

Do What Makes You Happy

My motto for the year! The end of 2014 was full of illness and stress, somewhat self inflicted. So this year, I'm focusing on keeping my little family happy.

Yesterday, what made me happy was a quick nap time project. Lovely to have something finished that won't become unfinished within 5 minutes of the end of naptime *looks at the ball pool... *

This is the Lined Drawstring Pouch by In Color Order, made with a free FQ from last summer's FQR and some animal prints from the stash.

Now, it was a ridiculously long post vaccination nap, but the pattern was very easy to follow so it really didn't take too long at all.

The Snack Size is perfect for taking Duplo to the café for our Friday afternoon coffee and cake (or milk and raisins!)


  1. Perfect! I made one of these last weekend. I see many more in my future!

  2. Great motto! Cute bag and cute kid :) love those duplo animals!

  3. No better ambition to have! Hope your illness and stress is all behind you and that 2015 is nothing but happy all the way through :)

  4. What a cute bairn! There must be something in the water as I recently made my first drawstring bag and can also see more in my future! I hope 2015 is a brilliant year for you and your family!

  5. Brilliant! And wow he looks so much like you!!

  6. *playing catch up* isn't funny how we stress ourselves. Here's to a more relaxed and productive year x


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