Monday, 6 August 2012

An Adventure

This post is going to sound far more like a diary entry than a normal blog post, but I wanted to record the last few weeks. Please don't feel obliged to read, there's sewing stuff at the end if you want to skip!

I've just finished a physically exhausting but totally amazing week in Denmark with 35,000 Scouts, not all of whom were my responsibility thank goodness! I've walked miles every day (the round trip to the showers was about 1.5 miles....), lifted and carried, lit fires (well, directed kids to light fires!) and pitched tents. I cooked so many meals for so many people that I ended up with blisters from stirring - but if you ever need to know how much pasta is required to feed 65 hungry people, I'm your woman! I've given out plasters, brushed knots from hair that's not been touched in days, given cookery lessons and so much more.

Mentally, I feel really refreshed, which is suprising considering how bone-achingly tired I feel. There's been lots of chatting round campfires getting to know great kids, and making what I hope will be life long friendships with the other leaders. It did me real good to have a clean break from work, even though it felt very tiring having to pack and prepare when everyone else was partying at the end of term.

Here are a few photos, no faces for obvious reasons. Hopefully they'll give you a taste of the atmosphere, which I don't think that I can adequately describe. Can't wait to do it again though!

We spent some of our down time lying in the shade avoiding the blinding sun - and comparing the sizes of our feet - guess which are mine?!

27 hours on a coach tires you out!

 Lots of canvas

Closing ceremony

After leaving the kidlets in safe hands for a second week of camping, I took some time to travel home in a bit more of a leisurely way. First I took the train to Copenhagen, where I learnt that you shouldn't make quick judgements about a city based on the impressions that you gain whilst leaving its train station! I had a lovely meal, chatted to a hilarious American man, and spent a few hours strolling around the city in beautiful sunshine. I only had a short time in the city, but it was enough to make me want to return.

The Citadel in Copenhagen - a military centre and ancient fortification; the Marble Church; Nyhavn

Next, I got the train to Hamburg, via a ferry that the train drove onto! I was really surprised by Hamburg, I was expecting it to be really industrial as the port is still so busy. The city itself is really nice though, a well planned mix of the industrial and the uber-modern. The new Philharmonic Hall is just stunning!

 Hamburg - St Michel's Church, Martin Luther and the view down towards the Harbour

Next was Paris, my favourite city in the world. I think the pictures say it all really!

 The Sleeper train - I was very excited about this!; the view that I saw when I woke up; bridge covered in locks with love messages scrawled on; the Seine; the clockface on the fifth floor of the Musee d'Orsay; Notre Dame, with my wedding ring - we got engaged here four years ago!

 And finally, some sewing! I've been working on a couple of EPP projects for friends, one hexie cushion and one Rose Star block cushion. My friends are sisters who went to school with me who both have young daughters, hence the very pink and girly colours. Hopefully they'll be well balanced and not too much pinkness.

Action shot - sewing on the train from Copenhagen to Hamburg, just before it got on the ferry(!!!!); partially completed Rose Star block, with the fabrics that I'm using for the next rings; 
completed basted hexies for my other EPP project; I love this giraffe!
Piles of hexies waiting to be basted; a possible layout

So, quite an adventure for me. I have never travelled very far on my own - the furthest I've been by myself is London to Manchester! - so this has been really good for improving my self confidence. I didn't get lost, or mugged, and I had fun!!

I loved visiting the different cities, and can't wait to do more. The only questions are: 1. Where next? and more importantly, 2. When will the bank manager let me?!

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  1. Looks like you had quite the adventurous summer! Did you go out the back side of the train station in Copenhagen? Ha, ha, I was a bit surprised at all the raunchy business going on right by all the hotels there. But the rest of the city IS very nice:)

  2. Wow, what wonderful travel and adventure! Fun to see your EPP projects as well. And p.s. - I have never even played backgammon:).

  3. yippppeeee what an adventure you have been having - good for you, you can't beat the scouts for a good time. And just how much pasta do you need for 65 people??? x

  4. What fun! Yay for striking off on your own - it really is a quite different experience, isn't it?:-)

  5. Wow what all sounds like so much fun! Sometimes it's nice to have an adventure on your own! =D

  6. wow...what a fun adventure! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. Love those hexies, can't wait to see the finished cushions!

  7. Popping over from Plum and June. Can't wait to see what you do with your hexis....I have several waiting for my attention. You may have just inspired me to make a pillow covering. Hhhmmmm....

  8. That truly is an adventure!! Well done you! We bought our wedding rings in Paris so it has good memories for me too :)
    The hexies look great!

  9. What I wouldn't give to live in Europe! All of those wonderful old cities within train distances of each other. I'm so very, very jealous. I've never been to continental Europe, but I'm determined to sooner rather than later (probably will have to wait until after grad school though!)

    Travelling alone is incredibly empowering. You do have to be smart about it, but with reasonable safety measures, it's so fun! I haven't done much "vacation" stuff on my own, but I do drive about 1500 miles (each way) across the U.S. at least once a year, which is a fair amount of travel, even if it's decidedly unglamorous! (Visit the scenic Ohio Turnpike, said no one, ever.)


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