Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Busy Gardening!

The garden has been looking amazing for the past few weeks, all this rain has made up for the drought earlier in the year.

The sweet peas have gone absolutely crazy - I should have paid more attention and tried to tie them up quicker, as they'e spread about 4 foot over the border.

It doesn't show up well, but there were some beautiful bright pink flowers in there!

I also picked the last of the rhubarb (left 2 sticks on) and the courgettes last week - no more big yellow flowers! We did try deep-frying a few of the small ones which worked really well.

The potatoes are lovely, and took such little effort to grow especially as I used potato grow bags. That's definitely one to try again next year. The beans were also extremely good, I used a Jamie Oliver recipe to cook them down - must remember that I put the leftovers in the freezer.

Now we've got lots of wasps round the end of the garden, just when I want to prune and tidy up, and deal with the bindweed that inevitably comes over from next door! Hope the little blighters buzz off soon....

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